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Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover The Cost of Broken Pipes Under My Slab?

By July 6, 2018No Comments

The unhelpful answer is, “maybe.” Most homeowner’s insurance policies contain coverage exclusions for damages resulting from subsidence, or damages which occur over time from normal deterioration, wear and tear. It would seem that broken pipes under your slab would be caused by some combination of these events, and would therefore not be covered.

However, many policies contain special coverages which over-ride such exclusions, including coverage for damage resulting from the collapse of all or some part of your structure. Therefore, if your home was originally built with hangars –  metal rods which suspended the sewer drain lines to the underside of your slab –  then you may have a covered loss. Repairs to under-slab sewage lines are typically very expensive, and can involve tunneling under your home to access the damage.

We have successfully represented litigants who were paid the full repair cost for damaged under-slab sewerage lines. In every case , the homeowner’s insurance carrier denied the claim as not covered. If you have experienced such a loss within the past year, and your homeowner’s  carrier has denied your claim, call us to discuss your rights.

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